Shamit Khemka: If you’re being defamed, hire SynapseIndia ORM services

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka is a name that has earned immense respect, recognition and reputation in the IT and digital marketing sphere due to his great knowledge of the domains and sharp business intelligence and insightful knowledge. Under his great leadership and management, SynapseIndia has shown tremendous growth since inception in 2000.

He strongly recommends ORM (Online Reputation Management) services for all organizations and individuals who are facing defamatory issues due to negative and bad information spreading about them online. SynapseIndia ORM services have already helped hundreds of clients across the UK and worldwide beat their competitors by removing bad/ negative/ false reviews and comments & feedback online and replacing them with positive and supporting information.

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Shamit Khemka: EO has certainly helped me evolve as a global entrepreneur

Shamit Khemka

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has certainly helped me evolve as a global entrepreneur. EO offers a great platform for entrepreneurs to connect with an international community of successful entrepreneurs. I believe it’s the best platform for entrepreneurs (budding as well as successful) who want to make it big in global business sphere.

EO has influenced my style of leadership & management as well. An entrepreneur’s role is quite challenging with never-ending difficulties in handling sales, managing employees and customers. Each day brings with it a new set of challenges and opportunities and it is entirely on your leadership and management abilities to skillfully handle the challenges and use the opportunities for your advantage. Meeting and interacting with the brilliant and successful entrepreneurs and listening to their success stories, during various EO meetings & seminars in different countries across the globe, inspired me to start a joint venture under the name of CSIPL – Cross Section Interactive Private Limited in 2013 and foodcloud in year 2012. Also, I feel proud to announce that the number of SynapseIndia’s development centers has also increased from just one a few years ago to 4 now, in Noida.

Being associated with EO (local & regional boards) since 2007 has been a great experience, so far. Holding the chair as EO Regional Director, South Asia (2014 – 2016) was the best experience that further improved my leadership qualities. It was an honor for me to receive a standing ovation from my fellow EO members at the EO RIE event.

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Shamit Khemka: Improve your brand image by removing negative comments

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka is a renowned IT entrepreneur, mentor and advisor. His entrepreneurial venture, SynapseIndia has been growing at a commendable pace since inception 18 years ago (in 2000). SynapseIndia caters to the unique and customized IT needs of clients from across the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and other countries across the globe.

Shamit Khemka recommends online reputation management (ORM) for global businesses desirous of achieving better branding online. He says that the success of any business is largely dependent on the trust that its customers have in it. Businesses that are struggling with bad image and online reputation because of false and negative feedback and comments from upset customers and other sources. ORM is, therefore, highly recommended for global businesses looking to get rid of the false and negative comments and improve their brand image & reputation online (as well as offline).

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Shamit Khemka: digital marketing will lead all types of marketing

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka has earned great reputation in the IT industry and among his peers, employees and business associates due to his great leadership and management qualities. He is the Founder and Managing Director of SynapseIndia – a renowned IT company that has its presence across the USA, UK and other countries.

He possesses great knowledge of information technology and digital marketing. According to Shamit Khemka, digital marketing will lead all types of marketing, including traditional marketing, in the years to come. The popularity of smart phones and Internet among people across the globe has encouraged businesses also to consider this form of marketing to reach out to their target audiences.

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Shamit Khemka: Boost the ROI of your online business with PPC

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka is successful entrepreneur, IT mentor, advisor and IT as well as digital marketing expert. His entrepreneurial venture, SynapseIndia has earned great reputation among businesses throughout the USA, UK, and other countries across the globe. Under the great leadership of Shamit Khemka, the company continues to grow at an incredibly fast pace. The company caters to the growing and unique IT and digital marketing needs of its global clientele.

According to Shamit Khemka, PPC is the most reliable online marketing technique that guarantees instant results. PPC or pay per click is an Internet marketing model wherein the advertisers have to pay a certain fee for every click on their ad. In simpler words; it is a way of buying the clicks instead of trying to earn those visits organically (as in SEO). Another good thing about PPC is that you can set your budget for PPC in order to control your expenses.

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Shamit Khemka: advisors invoke trust & confidence

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, IT mentor and advisor. He is a true leader and inspirer. Under his great leadership and guidance, SynapseIndia has shown outstanding growth since inception 18 years ago in 2000. He believes that a good advisor should be confident and trustworthy. Furthermore, your advisor should be able to invoke trust and confidence in you. Such a person is outstandingly good at communication and his/ her optimism fills you with trust and confidence.

Your advisor will never let you feel discouraged or weak in difficult situations. On the contrary, he/ she will be there by your side whenever you are facing challenging situation. He/ she will always guide you through and help rebuild your lost confidence. In short, a good advisor will make you feel more confident through his/ her encouraging words, actions and supportive behavior.

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Shamit Khemka says, hard work helps in building character!

shamit khemka

Shamit Khemka says, this is an era where almost everyone is in a hurry to get things done. If we can’t get something almost instantly, then we will rather not have it at all. And if it’s tough, we will prefer completely forgetting it! However, the truth is that character is built with hard work. Hard work helps improve focus and makes you disciplined. You become better in time and resource management as you work hard.

As you work hard your confidence increases and you start ignoring the critics who demotivate you that you can’t do this or that. Remember, it is always easy to say “no I can’t do it” but the challenge is in saying “yes I will do it and I can do it!” Hard work helps in building great character. Those who work hard achieve success in their career, happiness & satisfaction in life and other rewards such as a strong character!

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Shamit Khemka strongly believes in punctuality

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka’s leadership qualities are known to all. His employees look up to him because of his highly convincing and motivating behavior. He is a strong leader with great attitude. He always encourages all his employees and everyone else to be punctual and respect time. He says that if you respect your own time, then you must learn to respect others’ time as well. You need to ensure that you are punctual when someone calls you.

Reaching somewhere on time means you value others’ time as much as you do your own. Furthermore, there is no point in keeping people waiting just because you are lethargic or not willing to make it on time. Whether it is a business meeting or personal meeting, you must maintain your punctuality to earn the respect of those you are going to meet! Always remember that punctuality is a characteristic of true leaders!

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Shamit Khemka – a true leader and a keen traveler

synapseindia management

Shamit Khemka is a great leader who inspires his employees. Besides being a exceptional entrepreneur, he is a man with a strong determination and a very positive frame of mind. He is a keen traveler as well and loves to travel to places across the globe.

From embarking on various religious journeys to Indian cities to being at happening places such as Madison Square Garden in NY, and several other places, he has traveled across the globe. In other words, traveling is his a favorite pastime. His love for Mother Nature is immense and, that is why, he never minds spending some good time in the company of nature whenever he gets some time for it.

Despite his extremely busy schedule, he manages to travel with his family and friends whenever possible. Furthermore, he encourages others also to take up smaller yet frequent excursions to break the monotony and rejuvenate.

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Shamit Khemka believes leaders aren’t always born they are made too!

Shamit Khemka believes leaders aren't always born they are made too

Under the great leadership of Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia has grown by leaps and bounds. Since day one, he was sure that success will be with him throughout. He was so confident of himself because he had a clear and precise strategy for success. He knew his goals clearly as well as the fair ways of achieving them.

His great leadership and amazing motivational skills continue to influence all his employees and business associates. While employees look up to him as an inspiring figure, his business associates & clients regard him for his highly professional, out of the box, and innovative thinking and honest actions.

However, Shamit Khemka strongly believes that leaders aren’t always born they are made too and the environment & upbringing they get help them become leaders.

Since inception, SynapseIndia has grown at a commendable pace and the success story continues under Shamit Khemka’s powerful leadership that not only impresses but also inspires others.

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